GTA Online - Official Gamereactor Crew

GTA Online - Official Gamereactor Crew

The GR Live Crew is the name of the official Gamereactor Crew in GTA online, Created of Nick from GRTV (Denmark) with the purpose of connecting players during livestreams. Nowadays the crew is active 365 days a year with over 75 members, with me running the crew as Commissioner (Co-leader). The crew page is always updated with the latest info of GR livestreams, GTA news and online updates as well as good-to-know stuffs. During some themed events we are using an especially themed designed GR logo emblem, while we normally are using the Original GR Logo which suits pretty much everything.

Thanks for now and click that link to join the crew ----> The GR Live Crew
Hint: Link your Gamereactor profile for a free promote. (Muscle ---> Representative)

Picture: Last Livestream