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G2 Esports drop kennyS, and add JaCkz to the roster

NiKo will be moving to a hybrid rifler/AWP role.

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In a stark change of events, G2 Esports has decided to release Kenny "kennyS" Schrub from its active Counter-Strike: Global Offensive line-up, with the decision to replace the veteran of four years with Audric "JaCkz" Jug. The decision was detailed in a statement from the organisation that read:

"As of today, we are making the following changes to our CS:GO roster.

Audric 'JACKS' Jug will be returning to the roster. Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač will be transitioning to a hybrid Rifler/AWP role. Kenny 'kennyS' Shrub will be allowed to explore new opportunities."

Speaking further on the roster change, G2's head of esports Danny Engels said, "After an incredible 4 years with G2, it's sadly time for the legendary kennyS to find a new home. He is undoubtedly a current LEGEND in the game. In a team that can cater to him in full, he will undoubtedly carry that team to the top of CS:GO, as he has done time and time again at G2."

This change is taking immediate effect according to the statement, and we will get to see this new roster in full form starting as soon as March 13 at the ESL Pro League Season 13.

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